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Open Enrollment for 2015-2016 school year
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WE ARE A PRIVATE THERAPEUTIC, BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION ACADEMY with a Military structure approach designed and tailored for juveniles’ ages 10 to 17 suffering from conduct disorder, peer pressure, behavioral-legal issues and mild substance abuse involvement.

The school counts with several divisions:
i. Division of Academics: we follow a credit building curriculum designed to help students get caught up with time lost, missed in their regular home schools.
ii. Division of Discipline: designed to deal with the disciplinarian part of the program by adding consistency on the daily dynamics of a military environment.
iii. Division of Mental Health: designed to tailor therapeutic programs for students and parents
iv. Legal Division: designed to assist and help parents and children with the legal aspect of the juvenile system
v. Division of Transportation: deals with the daily demands of student’s transportation to and from home.
vi. Other divisions include: Administration, Food and Enrollments

AYA is the only private program in the State of Georgia recognized by the juvenile justice system as a behavior modification school.
AYA is the ONLY Boot Camp like school in the State of Georgia
AYA staff has variety of employees with very impressive backgrounds knowledgeable their areas of expertise: teachers, military, probation officer, police officer, mental health, substance abuse and more. You can rest at peace knowing your child is in professional hands.

Open Ongoing Enrollment throughout the year for the 2015-2016 School Year

AYA is a Private Program, however:
Financial Aid is available for those who qualify.
Financing is also available. Contact us to schedule a Pre-Enrollment Interview as soon as possible.

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Advancing Youth's Academy provides services for troubled teens or children in the Atlanta area. Our program provides discipline in which we utilize a client-centered approach and a whole person philosophy to encourage stability and personal responsibility. By engaging troubled teens with a holistic approach, we address the physical, educational and psychological obstacles that invade in the daily lives of troubled teens and children. Our staff utilizes a highly structured, rigid program that is like no other in the nation. Advancing Youth's Academy is the only program of its kind in Georgia as recognized by juvenile justice agencies

Clients are taught the importance of self-discipline, structure and integrity. Our program provides the resources to help Atlanta troubled teens, set goals and reach them. The program is designed in a way to help instill the importance of organization for reaching self-determined goals.

Additionally, we are also concerned about educational and learning disabilities and deficits for our clients. We work closely with troubled teens and children to help them achieve maximum educational progress while they are in residence. Self-study programs are supported by a rigid daily routine and interaction with tutors and instructors to help when needed.

Last, we care about each client, the client's family and the community. Keeping troubled teens and children engaged and limiting their free time improves their lives, brings relief to their families and makes our communities a better place.

We accept the following insurance benefits for our mental health programs:
  1. Aetna
  2. Blue Cross Blue Shield
  3. United Health Care
  4. Cigna
  5. And many other private insurance plans

Here at Advancing Youth's Academy we offer an exceptional program.Call today, if you're searching for a program designed to help get your troubled teen or child back on track.

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Advancing Youth's Academy, Inc

Our program follows the military academy model. Using rigid, structured schedules and principles we help Atlanta troubled teens and children...

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Advancing Youth's Academy, Inc

We offer a program for troubled teens and children; we focus on the entire person to help them achieve maximum results...

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Advancing Youth's Academy, Inc

Call the Advancing Youth's Academy today to discuss options for your Atlanta troubled teens or for information regarding...

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We are the only program of our sort in the state of Georgia. We work closely with the judicial system, and DA's as well.
We are here to help your troubled teen or child, find and embrace their maximum potential and return to society as a more productive, more engaged individual.